contributeFree State Projects is seeking to assist everyone. We would love to hear from you if you feel you can help in any way. We need volunteers and partners to help research and manage this massive adventure into a prosperous future.

Look at the various projects and find something that interests you. Then discuss with us what level you can help at, your level of involvement, what you want to do and how you want to do it. We are really interested in working with a person in their chosen field but if you want to do something totally different than that, that’s fine as well.

Do you have to move to an active area to contribute? Absolutely not! We are adapting the University of the Western Cape’s distance learning software to be an online collaboration suite for all the projects. You will be able to form and join teams, contribute in multiple areas and stretch your brain in areas that were rusty. The online collaboration tools will include chat functions, messageboards, document sharing and good old FAQs for if you’re getting a little stuck.

Also since Free State Projects seeks to be a network of community upliftment and social development projects, any worthy projects are welcome to join and expand the reach of mutual assistance that we are able to provide. So you could be anywhere in the country and still benefit from this association.

If you want to contact us with any ideas of how you could contribute please email us from the “Contact Us” page and we will be thrilled to receive your letter.

If you want to volunteer please also put these questions in your email and answer them as best you can:

I am qualified or skilled in and would like to do this:
I am qualified or skilled in but don’t want to do any more of this:
I have no qualifications or skills in but I would like to do this:
I would / would not be interested in sharing skills and training others.

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