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Ok that’s a lot of info. It is however just a broad summary of permacultural concepts and excludes more traditional yet viable ideas that permaculture usually also incorporates such as zero-till farming and the more mainstream organic food paradigm. It should go without saying that permaculture farms would of course produce only organic produce as pesticides and chemical fertilizers conflict with multiple permaculture design values.

Should you wish to explore further, listed below are some pamphlets available for download based on a 1981 Permaculture Design Course given by Bill Mollison. They are still pretty relevant but remember permaculturists are an inventive lot so things will have moved on a bit from what these pamphlets present. As stated there is a wondrous amount of easily accessible information on youtube, click here for a starting point. You should also search the internet generally if you wish to know more about permaculture.

01 – Introduction to Permaculture
02 – Permaculture in Humid Landscapes
03 – Permaculture in Arid Landscapes
04, 05 & 06 – Permaculture in Low Islands, High Islands & in Granite Landscapes
07 & 15 – Permaculture for Fire Control & Permaculture for Millionaires
08 – Designing for Permaculture
09 – Permaculture Techniques
10 – Forests in Permaculture
11 – Water in Permaculture
12 – Permaculture in Urban Areas & Urban-Rural Links
13 – The Permaculture Community
14 – The Permaculture Alternative

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                       What is permaculture?

                       Why bother with permaculture?

                       Where can you use permaculture?

                       How does permaculture work?

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