What is the symbolism of the logo of the co-operative?

Click here for a logo explanation!The design used in this graphic is symbolic of several concepts which are important to understand. It was conceived and developed into basic form by co-founder Daryl Fuchs based on the inspiration that also led to the holistic and ethical constitution that the business was founded upon and its current form was finalised by gifted graphical artist and fellow co-founder Gregory Frey.

In the centre is the void sphere, the non-shape made visible only by the interaction between it and what surrounds it. The void sphere represents the quiet space within each of us from which all inspiration flows. It also represents the concept of useful space that can only be realised when space is separated from other space, e.g. the hollow of a cup which can then hold water.

The golden layer around the void-sphere represents the intangible birth of the glowing light of inspiration into the realm of mind, at which point the human being can perceive and be affected by it.

The red layer around the inspiration layer represents the hard work, the “blood, sweat & tears” inspiration requires and the team of people that inspiration requires to be made manifest reality in the physical realm.

The green layer around the working layer represents the ongoing sustainability of this inspired work across time. That what we do we hope to be “green” in terms of its effects on the planet and on humanity; that it can be continued into the future to grow in capability and capacity to provide for all involved and to provide further spaces of inspiration.

Overall the eight points represent the universal symbolism of balance, harmony, and cosmic order while the starburst or supernova shape represents the generous outpourings of our star, the sun, and the intense energetic explosion of inspiration, work and continued effect that these projects seek to produce in the world.

The logo is perfectly square to represent the idea that the co-operative is founded on familiar and old-school principles such as fairness as well as it all being quite understandable if you look into it; and that to gain a handle on the immense is possible by starting with the basics. (Refer to the first line of the Arts & Culture page)


Create your own version for your group identification needs

As the co-operative is made up of quasi independent groupings, why not create a stylised version for your own?

The base canvas :

1) It must have eight points. Their shape,sizing, if solid or hollow, etc are your choice.
2) The colour scheme and relative positions of the colours must stay the same: Gold, Red, Green from inside to out.

The guidelines :

1) The central sphere is a holding space for relevant items of focus, like the @ symbol on the contact us page.

E.G. a stylised symbol for other departments of Free State Projects.

2) You can integrate anything else into the background or make the background any colour or combination of colours to create relevance to other ideas and concepts. So create one for your area, your team, your department or your home.


Click here for an explanation of this image!